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Sunshine Bleu

Sunshine Bleu Academy was created to give parents a place to bring their kids where they are able to gather, learn and play. The name Sunshine originated from a perspective day when realization kicked in that no matter what goes on in life, one must continue to strive and achieve. Bleu originated from the owner's favorite color with the French aspect of it. Sunshine Bleu Academy wants to make sure every kid shine to their brightest thoughts and ideas. We are staffed to provide excellent service and make the kids feel at home. At Sunshine Bleu Academy we want you to know your kids are safe and well taken care of through the educational part of it as well as the nutrition part. We aim to achieve beyond daycare status and prepare your child for a bright future. Each day Sunshine Bleu Academy will provide a safe environment for your kids. 
Thank you from Sunshine Bleu Academy.......

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